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” Comical and direct?Yes. But at the least Steinfeld wore what she needed. HomeNewsOpinionEntertainmentFeaturesLifestylesPoliticsClub and GreekLeisureOnline ExclusiveAsk the ExpertsAbout Us Contact Us Join the Outlook Staff Event Coverage Meet the EditorsPast Editorial StaffAdvertisingArchivePrivacy PolicySearchCAMPUS LOCATIONThe OutlookJules L. Plangere Jr. Center for Communication and Instructional Technology CCIT Room 260, 2nd floorBlended studying is accepted in higher education establishments. The global prominence of this rising trend is the result of the technological revolution that provided new probabilities of interactivity. If you’ll be asked exam describe ‘Hidden Curriculum’ in just one word, what is going to it be?As for me, my chosen word is ‘Values’. Why is that?First of all, Hidden Curriculum is exam help sort of curriculum that isn’t written in exam help document reasonably it is stuck unconsciously. Moreover, there’s exam help asserting ‘Values are stuck not taught’ courtesy of Ma’am Shin. Whether you find it irresistible or not, throughout the pursuits or reviews that we had, this Hidden Curriculum was applied especially all the way through our stay at college. Every subject that we took had the incorporation of the said curriculum. It could be exam help constructive one and even exam help terrible one comparable to being honest versus being exam help cheater in an exam.